CAN'T STOPプロジェクト
- やめられない、とめられない -



そんな思いをまずは神戸、二ノ宮のstudio Bappleが今まで出会って来た様々なアーティスト達と、"CAN'T STOPプロジェクト-やめられない、とめられない-"と題しまして、自分達のCAN'T STOPを発信していきます!!


そこで、自分の好きな、大切な、残したいものを世の中へ発信し、"CAN'T STOP"のポジティブな連鎖を起こしていきませんか?

YouTubeやTwitter、Instagramであなたの"CAN'T STOP"を、ハッシュタグ #CANT_STOP #やめられないとめられない をつけて投稿してください。音楽はもちろん、動画や写真、画像など、何でもOKです!!

コロナウイルスが本当の意味で終息し、世の中が大きく変化した時に、沢山の "CAN'T STOP" の連鎖が繋がり、街に溢れ返り、新たな、素晴らしい世界が広がっていますように。


- Can't stop, won’t stop -

Needless to say, due to the influence of this coronavirus, we have been told to spend our days refraining from various activities.

Even in such days as these, even if the world changes, and we can't move freely outside etc.. there are some things that won’t change. “Because it ’s important, because I like it, because it ’s fun… I can't stop, I won’t stop, I want to protect this! This is "CAN'T STOP" We want to know your "CAN'T STOP"!

We each grow up with various lifestyles and values, such as, Work, hobbies: eating, drinking, art, music, sports, fashion etc ... Living with family, lovers and pets. Connection with friends and colleagues. The culture of the city in which you live.

The things that you can't stop, won’t stop, and want to protect. This will be your “Can’t stop”

First of all, from our YouTube channel, we will start by centering around Kobe artists who will send their own "CAN'T STOP" through music and lyrics. Sharing their “Can’t stop” on SNS is also very welcome and appreciated of course.
Through this project, our wish for all is that you will always keep your heart filled with joy, fun and excitement as you express the things and places you find important and want to protect.

Feel the full power vibes!
We hope this project will catch on to the next person and the next and next. With more people getting involved, we hope to connect with many countries and eventually the world.

Through sharing those things that are important to you, what you like what you want to keep and what your passionate about to the world, would you like to create a positive chain of "CAN'T STOP"? Please post your "CAN'T STOP" on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, with the hash tag #CANT_STOP # You can use music, videos, photos, images, anything you feel is the best way to express your self. For those who are interested in this project , artists who agree with this vision and want to contribute but are not sure how, studio Bapple has got your back so please feel free to contact us anytime and we will support you.

When the world calms down from this coronavirus crisis, we hope that "CAN'T STOP" will connect us , spreading to the whole city and perhaps to the world.

May a new and wonderful world begin.
Thank you for reading this.

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